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Minsk motorbike for rent

We are organizing some great motorcycle tours with Minsk - and this is what people wrote about this bike: "Dedicated to bikers proud to grind their ex-Soviet dirt bikes throughout the spectacular mountains found in northern Vietnam.

Minsk motorbike for rent

 Belching smoke and revving high pitch whine, the Minsk is the cast iron machine geared to challenge the unexplored territory hidden throughout northern Vietnam. Chiseled from steel, welded with rust and camouflaged in mud, the Minsk is the sweaty workhorse of Vietnam's rural economy.

Seen hauling pigs, buffaloes, lounge chairs, coffins, horses and even full, occupied and bubbling fish tanks, the Minsk will get you where you want to go. In Minsk We Trust. More than just a Machine!"

Daily life of Black H'Mong tribe

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